Windshield and rear glass and/or door for 1973 Cadillac MM hearse


I'm looking for rear glass for my endloader. Previous owner put Plexiglass in at some point, I'm in the middle repairing the rear door since most of the vinyl has deep pitting underneath so if you have a complete rear door I would consider that as well My windshield has a pretty bad crack that I can live with, but I'm on the lookout for a good replacement.

Paul mentioned that several years work for this glass. If anyone has insight to which years will fit my front and rear glass or the rear door, I'd love to hear it



San Diego, CA
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Daniel Scully

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Windshield is 71-76. I have good rear door from a 72 C/B which is the same door. But which way is the door hinged? Opens to the driver's side or passenger side.