Is the economy this bad

This tour conducted by Doug Wright shows the LDS Church has opened its doors farther than anybody thought would happen. Around 8:50 you can see a 32 foot (16hz) pipe speaking. It also looks like considerable progress has been made on the road that will allow the Holy Mother of Organs to interface with laptops and devices. Only time will tell if this is a blessing or a horror show.

I saw a demonstration a few years back of a program that took audio from a laptop and played it on a pipe organ. Sounded pretty good after the organist edited the clinkers out.

Perhaps the best part of an organ is it can't be packed into the trunk of car to accompany the organist on a road trip like the Viola can.

Peter Grave

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One of my radio Collector friends was driving down a street in North Jersey at the Curb with the trash a vintage 30s Scott radio in good shape worth about $3K needless to say he called for help and scooped it up. The best story is of a Junkman friend now passed working in his yard 30 years ago cutting up a 57 Chevie Bel Air Convertible a customer walked in and exclaimed "Thats a rare car" at which point my friend holding the cutting torch said "I know I'm the one who makes them rare". Proves its all in viewpoint.
Little known secret about rare cars, the desert rat Mormons are sitting on yards full of them and releasing inventory slowly. I saw a 60s car advertised here last week for $35,000 that cost less than $3,500 passing thru the sales room the first time.

Biggest drawback to collecting has always been hauling.

Abe Bush

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Perhaps the most famous of all organ pieces, Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor as played on a very old yet historic pipe organ in the Netherlands.


Kurt Arends

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Organs aren't entirely dead. In 2019, the Washington National Cathedral pipe organ was used to play the Washington Nationals baseball team's theme ahead of the World Series (which the Nats won!). Enjoy!

Theatre organs and other pipe organs are an entirely different breed. Like comparing apples to oranges. Most residential console organs belong in the trash.
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