He never got in the car. It was winched in. Tight getting around it. There were 2 other smaller cars in there in front of it. The only other car i I help load in a inclosed trailer the driver did the nascar thing threw the wi dow.
Here is a first shot, on its way home from the transport office. Don't worry Terry, the beacon is safe. Just took the cover off to reduce height during transport.
Will post a couple more pics when all cleaned up.
Window markings in the works. Had planned markings for the doors, but the clean sides look pretty nice just the way they are.2023 04 17 2b.JPG
You can have the door markings made on the magnetic rubber. That way they go on and off. Did that on my 72. We won't talk about that guy that left the power cable off on the Q. The car woke up hard but get it driving around it will get better every trip. she felt good on the road. A fun project sorry life got in the way completing it. But she got up there at the right time of year.
Now it's pick up a few things I have been putting off around here and get that Pinner moved into the hot stall.