Bowtie beauties - procars on Chevy chassis

Taken today in NJ. Clean National coach!

'51 National that surfaced this past weekend for sale at Chickasha Swap Meet. Any OK members familiar or attend and take better pics?


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Not sure the age, found at Rockford Speedway Rockford IL several years ago.


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Earle, AR - 1960 parade

I mine eBay regularly for fire apparatus and procar items that should be in my collection. I recently found this one:

I could tell that one was of a procar, but couldn't enlarge it enough (in focus) to tell what it was. I knew it wasn't anything common, so I bought it to find out.

What we have here is a 1956 Memphis/Chevrolet combination with red parking light lenses and a Federal #17-B demountable beacon. Score!


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Here's an interesting one. A '49 Chevy, probably a Weller Brothers, from Memphis United (sounds like a soccer team) in TN.

Hmmm, is it a Chevy or a Buick? ;)


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Asked to post these by John Giacomantonio


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how about chevy with buick portholes. looks like they really dressed it out. wasn't there a black consortium of funeral directors that went into the ambulance buisness back in the early 50's? in memphis i beleive. something about white funeral homes not wanting to service black folks. man love that sunshade. tires dressed with tire black(remember that and your older like me) sunshade, portholes, trim, chrome. yeah im close on this one.
'55 in '86?

If my middle=age memory is halfway good, that '55 was at the '86 International Meet in Tulsa..........does anyone else remember?