went down to Smitties Chrome plating in Oshkosh,NB

John ED Renstrom

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Friday we made to run down to Oshkosh to pick up the plating we have at Smitties. nice day for it most of the trees are now bar with what wind we had but nothing but clear sky's today. windy but clear I will tell you when the weeds start migrating winter is not far behind. Jack and I were happy to get back in SD and he perked right up when we turned into the canyon. this Dodge doesn't do too bad on the road. figuring we had a west wind down and back. no stop at Car headage this trip. thatfirst one the guys down at the parts store found me a 6 volt flasher for the 53. been a long time since I say one of these boxes.


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Yes having lived in the far out country for some time you get to know how to look for things you don't get to see anywere else.