Wanted - 1976 Cadillac Cruise Control Switch

The mechanism inside is broken, the switch does not stay in the on position. I could probably replace it with just an on/off switch while I wait to find a new one.

I do not know if I am going to get to the cruise control this summer as there are a number of other things that will need my attention, but if I can get one then it will be here when I get to it.
Those switches are year specific, and sometimes either difficult to find or expensive when you find them. I bought a cruise control to install into my 1969 Miller Meteor Cadillac, but never got around to it, since I was unable to find the dash switch. I also have a guidematic for the same car, and it also never got installed. What starts off as a simple installation gets bogged down timewise and always takes more time than you originally thought. I remember what I had to go through to install the AM/FM stereo radio. I thought it would be a quick swap, but in the end, I had to find a different dashtop panel that had both speakers in it. When I found it, it was the wrong color, so I had to dye it black.