Vinyl top removal

This is what lm up against. I know it's not that bad but.....
I have checked a few places in Ontario and lm looking at over $6,000 at a new top.

Any suggestions on what l can do to make it more presentable ?

The top is faded a bit but that really is not a major concern to me.

Now l do now own a 96 Eagle that I'll be bringing to Sturbridge but the exterior of the car is solid and the interior is mint. And it's a Canadian coach too boot. Plus l truly do not want to get rid of it because it being one of Tom's cars.

Any suggestions ???
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John ED Renstrom

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Short of adding a molding above theo one on there not a lot you can do when they shrink like that. I have seen smaller places pulled back down and re glued but that a lot to hope for.