tsp 201

John ED Renstrom

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received the late yesterday just want to thank Walt for the good memories since I have been a member. you last was as good as my first.
Our family has had the privilege of knowing Walt McCall since our first Meet back in 1985 in Dearborn, Michigan. His wealth of automotive knowledge and history will be hard to match! Thanks for all your efforts and contributions and we hope you can continue (in a reduced way) for some time!
Walt McCall's contribution to this club and to the world, (he is about one of the nicest guys I have ever met) cannot be overstated.
Thank you Walt for the many times I have quoted items you presented in articles that astounded and amazed my friends. Well some of them anyway. :)
Another item regarding TSP 201:
There is a ballot enclosed with plenty of time to respond. Excellent
Pay attention, their are multiple pages to the cardboard address insert with a wealth of information about the election and the national meet.
Don't discard any by mistake.
Got mine Tuesday. Great. Thanks.

Thanks to Walt McCall for his contributions on so many fronts for classic service vehicles