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we were forced to run up to Sturges in the rain yesterday. now this is SD so any day with rain is a good day. took the 86 H&E up as it has not been out for awhile. had a GI scope done and Les drove us back home. not often i get to ride in back. kind of nice.
we swing past my Son's place to see if they were going to be around that last week in jun. he has consented to dropping down on Monday just after the lunch and give us a demonstration of paint less dent repair. Him and his wife have hung up there mobile hail chasing business and he is working the computer business his is partnered in from home while he heals up from a medical problem. Mobile Tec is a computer estimating soft designed for PDR. when they were Robin would tear down and reassemble while john worked the dents. the work will together. be a treat to see him work again as I have not watched him since he did the hail on the 92 Superior that Virgil has. no brag just fact he is good. ranked 5th in the world in PDR competition in Japan in 2017. but as it was one of those working man things if your not in the business know one would know. here is a job in fast time he did for me on a deer hit on my 05 Chevy pickup. it's about 4 minuets long

John ED Renstrom

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then of course no trip would be complete with out a few pictures out the window. the museum on the old post of Ft Mead yes there are two army posts named for him this one was first. has a lot of history attached to it. it is were Comanche the lone survivor of the battle of little Big Horn or as the wining side calls it Greasy Grass lived out his life. it also clams the distention of the place were the star spangled banner was first use on a military post. will you read the sign. we will not be stopping in as a group but it is a half hour from the host hotel an I'm sure that some of you will want to go up to Sturges or as it was known at Ft Mead as scoppers town. we will make the turn here to go up bolder canyon to Deadwood. so Friday one can look around deadwood the go back to Sturges then return. or do the tour of Motion unlimited a then run up. that will be your call after all you have to have a excuse to come back.

the buffalo herd is a privet on on Hy 79 we will go past there on out hills trip. there are two of them on smaller just out of Rapid and this one by dry creek. looks like he had a good crop of caves.


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Peter Grave

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Betcha you don't wear them cool white sneakers in the shop. Thanks for Natl. Anthem sign pix I had forgot it all. Great ride in the back.