To our Friends of the PCS Forums Family

Paul Steinberg

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To our Friends of the PCS Forums Family,

11 Years ago, when a small group of us began planning the development of what would become The Friends of The Professional Car Society forums, we couldn’t have imagined being where we are today. As 2020 draws to a close and we reflect on the community that we have all built, we smile with pride.
We are grateful to the people that use these forums, and our Site Supporters and Super Site Supporters for funding the best Professional Car forum on the internet. The people that support these forums share our commitment in making these forums the best available to the Professional Car hobbyist. We are also appreciative of our members through the years! When you are a participating member of our forums, you are the backbone of our success.

Wishing you Happy Holidays, and a Healthy and Happy New Year.

Paul Steinberg, Senior Administrator
Dan Herrick, Assistant Administrator / Treasurer
Robert Shepard, Assistant Administrator

Brian Martin

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Thank you for your work to improve the format. I unfortunately don’t have a lot to contribute but continue to learn from Paul’s and others’ posts. I will soon start tackling some of the small issues on my ‘76 and am grateful for such a forum that will enable me to seek expert advice. It’s been great to read all of the assistance you have provided in the “New Owner in PA” thread.
Happy and safe holiday to all.

Gérard Zenklusen-Ott

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Hello Paul !

Thank's to you and the others administrators of this forum for your great job.

This forum is for me, living in Switzerland, the best way to be part of the PCS.

Sylvia and I had a amazing time at the PCS meet last year in Rapid City , but we can`t come each year.......

All the best to you and all members of the PCS !

Have a peacefull Christmas time and a good and healthy New Year !