Tis the Season for Spam

Paul Steinberg

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I have been receiving multiple messages from members that they are getting spammed in the name of society officers. It appears that one of our Officers or Directors has had their email account hacked and that whoever has hacked it has the complete address book and is sending out emails in the name of "Rick Membershipdirector" and others. If you get any of these emails asking you to click on a link or to buy and send gift cards, please just disregard them and put them into your trash folder. DO NOT click on any of the links or you will have your computer compromised and/or your email list stolen. The best thing that you can do if you believe that your email has been hacked is to change your passwords and ensure 2-factor Authentication is on, if possible.
I have gotten that one. My biggest problem is the ones i send myself. The heading says me it's sender is my address to my address. You can't send it to your junk mail either. The world we live in
Today I got 2 calls from PCS Members that said that I sent them an email saying that I was attempting to contact them. Unless you get an email from me that is from my earthlink.net address, it isn't from me. thanks Paul