The QEII hearses

I found the MB hearse used in Scotland to be contemporary yet elegant of style and purposeful.

The Jaguar used in Britain, although functional, lacks elegance of size and proportion and looks almost cartoonish and clown-car like. The overall proportions just don’t work to my eye. The wheel size is too diminutive. As we all know, the distinguishing feature of a professional car is an outsized presence with tasteful variation and accent on recognizable stylistic features inherent to the vehicle of origin.

I was hoping the Brits would use a custom modified 1950 RR Phantom IV with a sweeping glass dome treatment for the royal casket. Pure elegance. It’s not like they didn’t have enough time to pull something like that off given the palace was in consultation with JLR and the queen well before her death. She is reported to have signed off years ago on the final JLR design.

The British unit is so small and understated that at first I thought it might be an EV... a deliberate pique and nod to the future by Her Majesty and King Charles.

The British hearse is unquestionably contemporary in style and almost begs comparison to an i-phone as a statement in functionality but lacking an emotional touch. One would think a monarch with a 70 year reign deserves a stronger visual tie to history. They have certainly gone the distance with beauty and dignity in all other ceremonial aspects.
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Dave Hopping

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Thought it just a bit ironic that a Mercedes-Benz was used for part of Her Majesty's last ride.:thinkingface2: