Superior Bullet lenses and other plastics

I'm looking around and I notice that a lot of people are missing or have damaged bullet lenses. Were they all the same from whenever they started using them 59ish until what, 70 when they stopped? I know they were quite large, like a massive 59 Cadillac lense. Are there other common lenses that are scarce? If I can get my hands on one bullet lense, which can have stress cracks but no chips or full cracks, I can get them remanufactured for about $50/each which would be far cheaper than getting used and there are so few left, plus they'd be undamaged rather than showing wear
So, looking for one lense to be used to remanufacture more, if anyone's got one and can lend it to me in return for another new one free, please let me know. Any other plastic lenses that are scarce, let me know and I can gauge interest to see about repopping them. Same goes for other reasonably small metal or plastic parts that are commonly damaged.
When I used to go to SEMA, there are lots of small companies in India and Taiwan that specialize in small batch orders. I have some contacts, depending on interest from you guys as to orders. I also am friends with the people who run the sheet metal stamping facilities for all Mustang, Mini, MGB, Ford Escort, Chevelle, Impala etc replacement panels that are made overseas. They are sold by many distributors like Dynacorn but there is just one stamping plant. They also make a lot of the new glass and other small repop parts. I worked at a restoration shop, and for example, one convertible was about 5% original by the time it was done because it was so rusty and rather than patch, completely new structural pieces are put in, and then everything else is available new, so you just assemble it. I wouldn't do anything like that, but if you've got the money to spend carelessly, you can easily invest 120k in a rusty Mustang, which will be basically a new Taiwanese car when you are done.
So in summation, if there's enough interest, I can get them made, but I don't want to get 400 (or however many) of them and have no-one want them.