Skirt seal supplier?

Who sells the seal between the skirt and the roof panel? I was gifted a mint Federal Beacon Ray 175 and since I do not have a car to install it on I am going to mount it to a electrician's work box with a 12v 15a power source as a working display.

It will not matter whether it is black or white, just need a seal. I saw a couple of full seal kits on Ebay but the other items will just be put in the spare parts bin.

I'm planning to have three switches, one for red, one for clear (clear dome) and one for both lights.

Ron Devies

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D-Captain on the internet had them. Jerry Jacobson knows him personally, send Jerry a PM

John ED Renstrom

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They were normally set up on the car to just kill the white lights. That way in fog or snow you didn't get that flash back. but easy enough to do what you were thinking as the light wires are separate pairs.

Steve Loftin

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The correct color as delivered when new is white :D (not black).

Earlier versions were delivered with black gaskets; I think Federal's change to white ones occurred around 1965. Here are some factory photos as examples:


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