Seam sealer removal

Jean-Marc Dugas

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What do you suggest I could use to remove the seam sealer from the car?

When I use a wire brush in the back it created a mess by melting the seam sealer and throwing it all over the place .

There must be something I can use to dilute this stuff and make my life easier.16572257724955976830293187197588.jpg16572257933825305705107949875920.jpg16572258159734475694049549902180.jpg
putty knife, and then clean up with acetone, if what I used the last time, but that was when Rex was a pup, and I was decades younger.
That is about it. But first say to your self why am I doing this? It is soft not showing rust underneath it's doing it's job. If it's were you need to weld. Yes trim it back as it burns will.

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putty knife, and then clean up with acetone, it's what I used the last time, but that was when Rex was a pup, and I was decades younger.
The metal behind the driver's seat may need to be replaced. I found a small hole in the floor where I think the water was coming in in this area. The other side and the floor pans are looking good.

The plan is to treat the entire floor, add a layer of sound deadner and then a new carpet. That's why I'm doing all this work.

I did try acetone, but I quickly ran out so for the next best thing I use some old gasoline. The gasoline did the trick. The old seam sealer just melted away.

I should be ready to wire brush the entire floor tomorrow morning. I will decide then what to do with the place of floor behind the driver's seat.
Yes looks like a skip spot when they welded it. But now you have a good look at things looking nice in there. You can see how the did there construction. Put the sealer over the bare seam. Did you find any primer in there. I would not be surprised if all that was in there was over spray from doing the body shell. All time and money to them on something that was going to get covered up. You can tack that hole shut. Its these places I like to use brass on to closed. A lot of advantages there. cherry re, rust is dead. then you fill it with a product that will not rust. But you can do as they did but add a layer of primer befor you fill it in with sealer.