Scoop, Model 107 cot, foil, trauma stuff available

Nicholas Studer

PCS Elected Director 2022-2025
Hi Folks,

Trying to pare down a lot of the gear I've got hanging out.

1. Ferno scoop stretcher (bottom pin is iffy, stenciled markings as noted)

2. Ferno Model 107 combination cot/chair - older green color. Abrasions as noted, plus stencil.

3. Wear-Ever foil - I ended up buying a case of this late 1950s/early 1960s foil while trying to get a couple for ambulances and now have too many rolls. Never know when you want to wrap a baby or seal a chest wound....

4. Military stainless steel urinals, basins, Mayo trays (19" x 12-1/2" x 5/8") like those pictured. All basically new, some with a few dents at the edge. I've also got a few of the collapsible military stands that hold up a basin.

5. If you're looking for some new/modern trauma/medical supplies, especially .mil stuff, I've got more than plenty of all kinds. Tourniquets, bandages/dressings, airways, burn stuff - just ask and I'm sure I'll have what you want.

Things I'm looking for are below, or feel free to make me an honest offer. I intend to be at the meet in Houston and happy to bring it there.

1. Reeves stretcher in black
2. Wood slat splints
3. Robinson Orthopedic Stretcher - very similar to the Ferno clamshell as recently discussed at
4. Thomas half-ring splints
5. Metal oral airways typical of E&J and other resuscitator kits.
6. The news article covering the dedication of the Chrysler-Pinner says it carried a Mouth-to-Mask resuscitator kit. Either Globe ( 25.jpg) or Venti-Breather.
7. Rico suction canister with white label and metal in-line valve. The Chrysler's canister must have been swapped out at some point during its 30 year service life, and it now has the translucent blue label typical of the late 1970s up until today. You can see the proper canister label and the valve at 1960s.JPG - although that photo actually shows an even older Rico mount than the current style that is correct for my ambulance.
8. Ferno stretcher straps - the 1960s military-style with the slide-through buckle similar to is what I'm primarily looking for.


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All of the above still available for sale or trade. I will be at the International Meet in Houston and can bring with me.

Aditionally, have O-Two Flynn Series III dual resuscitator (orange case), Nitronox unit with demand valve in soft case, the late-1970s reusable green hard plastic bedpans, military litters, etc. Lots o' gear. Trying to pare down a bit.
that would be the knee breaker, with the xl being the lower unit


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The Model 65 scoop, Model 107 cot/chair, Nitronox, Flynn Series III, and foil are all gone.

I have plenty of basins, trays, and bowls available in stainless. Bico, Vollrath, etc. brands. Very good condition, some with minor staining that will come off with fine steel wool.

Most prolific are the emesis basins - example photo attached. I'll be at the International Meet and happy to bring them. I'd suggest $8 each? Same price for the basins and trays?

Managed to secure a lot of my wish list. Still very much looking for:

1. At least one old-school Reeves in either the old black vinyl or green canvas.
2. Metal oral airways
3. National Cylinder Gas (NCG) oxygen flowmeters.
4. Old-school splints (Thomas, Keller-Blake, etc) always cool.


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I have a Reeves, but it is stenciled Rhinecliff, so I know that you wouldn't want that, unless it wasn't marked, and in perfect condition....

Only messing with your... :D
Only messing with your... :D

I know about that one! I figure one day I'll "make you an offer you can't refuse" you to part with it. :D

Besides the Pinner-Chrysler, I'm also on the lookout for one for the Eureka-Cadillac. There is a specific compartment underneath the wood cabinet, that spans almost the width of the car. It appears most consistent with holding a Reeves (it's not for oxygen by the way, too narrow).
Still have a number of basins and trays - I'm easy to trade for first aid stuff, etc. Free delivery to the upcoming International Meet.
Is that the special foil that's rated for heating your lunch on the manifold next to the can of beans?
That manifold foil is getting hard to find.