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I can't find any one to mold me a vinyl floor for the 53 Pontiac we can get carpet but I would rather go original. I found this piece up in the rafters. it got to be the back half off the 58 Eureka. trimming it ad re-gluing it is possible but not if some one is looking for one. the front on it was destroyed and we were forced to go to carpet there also. we could be talked into trading it for a large enough piece of the place ribbed flooring I thinking we got the last piece we used from USA parts


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ED. If my memory is correct there were many molded replacement mats made for used cars when I started this journey in the late 50s. I have a couple in stock for Packards and Buicks too big for the Pontiac. I would check ebay, on line, and Hemmings.I am sure you know 53,54 Chevie is the same.
I have an NOS aftermarket rubber rug, still rolled up in the box, for the back seat on '59/'60 full-sized GM products. I doubt that this will do you any good, but get creative in your eBay searches and you will find NOS out there for sale too. I only grabbed this rear rug as I thought that it would work in the storage area behind the driver's seat on a pro-car.
We keep looking. I'm sure that USA parts had the ribbed and pyramid style by the foot. But cut and glue would be a trial and error kind of thing and no heal pad. Behind and under the seat was just the sound deader glued to the floor. We'll keep looking.
Auto Custom Carpets

If I remember correctly the 59 rubber mat came from Auto CUstom Carpets. I may have a big chunk of that left. Let me check.
Thanks Joe, heard about that one tried all morning to find it in a search. But could not bring it up. Just what i need. Soon as. My SS check gets here I'll have one☺
Ed I tried three of my suppliers one had an actual 53 Pontiac rubber contoured replacement mat. When he opened the box to check on it it was hard as a rock and crumbled when moved. He told me looks like his entire stock is trash all gone hard. So looks like you need to be the craftsman and make one.
Got it done. Now to see how much we need to do. Thanks for the help been to all three of the VA facilities this week and Kandys primary Dr. But i now have both my hearing aids,my 4 deg. Starboard list is righted to 2,they have done the trigger realise on my left middle finger and we have a matanince plan for Kandy. On the Monday run to Ft Mead I checked on the heater cores for the 53 they had come in so Friday we picked them up on the way home. We can get those sub assembles back to gather now. My center cap came in for the caddy so we can cover our nuts. Got the matt ordered and we can now figure out what to do with the early 50s pickup one we found and ordered Tuesday. Got her car back home waiting for parts. The transmission cooler hoses are weeping. She is not supposed to drive anyway. Good excuse to park it. We put 330 miles on the pickup and 250 on the caddy this week. Makes up for the months they only got 50. But Dr Don is good. Have almost Full use of the hand now two days later. That ace wrap works good for resistance exercise. So life moves on. But thanks to a little help from my friends we found the needed part.
Glad to hear all is going good for both of you. My father in law who lived to 103 said getting old is not for sissies. Not been a good week here. My 12 year old German Shepherd passed on on Monday morning. Tuesday we had to cancel Jans Chemo due to weather (resceduled for next week). Then Thursday I go to hip Dr. for yearly tuneup "hips are perfect" the good news. The bad I tell Dr. my right knee has been turning in. He says Xray and yep now right knee is shot first ball joints were bad now a tie rod end. Say one to two years before its a must I;ll wait. Give the dogs a pat for me its hell to loose a friend.
What did you settle on?

Hi Ed. What did you finally settle on for the mat? I'll be in the same boat this year when I start on my '53 Pontiac. I might as well get the floor mat now instead of waiting until I'm almost done.

Give our regards to Kandy. Glad to hear that things are getting sorted out.
Thanks, ED. I'm glad things are better. Why are those rubber floors so expensive? I paid a lot for the one in my 1948 IH KB1. I'm curious how they fixed your trigger. Was it surgery or an injection?
tried the cortisone injections and we did three on this hand so oped for the surgery. it did nod not work on the other hand either.

we have one of the Chevy ones on the way. I let you know how it fits Bill. laid out the one I got for the 47-54 Chevy pickup. I should have run out and measured it before I hit send. it was not wide enough I could have made do by sliding it all the way up and trimming the top. using the scraps to fill in the edge gap. but only if I had to. the scrap on the corner is a piece of the original

by the way Bill I have enough of the taillights to share also so don't get yours re plated.


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there we are with a little help from my friends( thanks Joe) I got the proper rubber rug. they tossed in a catalog fish I had asked sooner. they cover the 30s to the 70s anything Chevy the later stuff is mostly pickups a big book I just glanced threw it. see a lot of small stuff we can use on the poncho.


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Wait till a warm day, and put it out in the sun before you try to install it. Helps to keep it from tearing. Looks like it has to go up another 2 inches to get under the firewall seal. You might have to replace the firewall seal, if it is brittle as I suspect that it is. My Chevy that is 10 years newer than your car, the seal is very brittle, and breaks off pieces as soon as you touch it. The only time to do this job, is when you have the dash stripped out of the car.
this insulator is cardboard the rubber strip on the bottom is long gone. now we need to figure out the the back side. they had the oil cardboard sound deader from the flooring back on it. they do make a rubber coated slap on heat shield sound deader but it's like buying a new car. but there is time to look around for that.