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needed to back the 64 out to get the door jams sandblasted and a few other places on the car. thought what the heck and took her around the block. bet this car has not mover this far under it's own power on 30 years. thought I took a video but to busy hanging one and missed the button. oh well you all have seen that trip before. here is a couple stills. it's the best way I know to clean up the james. had a couple places off rust on the cown to clean up too. all the body is finished except the roof. working on that now. but it's october. best do outside stuff when the sun is out.IMG_1627.JPGIMG_1629.JPGIMG_1630.JPGIMG_1638.JPGIMG_1639.JPGIMG_1640.JPGIMG_1641.JPG
just started getting the braces in for the floor. kind of a challenge to figure out what Pinner did with nothing but a cut off tap here and there.
A few spot weld holes in a strange spot and the pieces of port land cement we broke out. but I think we are on track to get a floor in the car. the way they did the interior it's 5 ft wide behind the seat, 4 ft between the wheel wells, and 4 ft offset in the rear. it's offset for the spare tire. hoping to make 2 4x8s work we'll see. it pencils out but we'll know when we lay it out here where we are now.

here is the best shot I have of the frame streach. as I said the wrapped it in 1/2 in plate steel. I would bet you could set the jack i the center at the balance point and pick it right up.


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It must be extremely difficult to get the driveshaft and carrier bearing out of the car for service. Stretching the rocker panels and roof must have presented an interesting challenge to the Pinners. They must have had access to a second car for spare parts.
The roof was used one out of the junk yard. The floor made in house. The only thing i see that was a how was the lower side panels they are one sheet from the bottom of the glass to the rockers. Forming that body line with 2 sharp creases a inch apart over a panel that big was something. Adding 3 separate compound curves in it with out a press? I would have liked to been there.
The carrier bearing is in the factory location. So the rear shaft is the stock unit. I had to put the drive line in it when it came. Not that much of a chore as i remember it. But we did have the engine and transmission pulled at that time.
Ed, I've had your photo site bookmarked for some time, but have a new PC and don't have your password. I miss seeing those photos.