Physio-Control Equipment Timelines

Jean-Marc Dugas

PCS Member
For those interested in the Physio-Control history and who would like to have a reference to Physio-Control product timelines, here is the link to the Physio-Control timeline from 1955 to the present.

According to this, assuming that my 54XL was in service for 10 years, 1976 - 1986, era-appropriate pre-hospital Physio-Control equipment would include the Lifepak 5 defibrillator (1976), Lifestat 100 (1983) portable non-invasive BP monitor, and the VSM-3 (1983) Vital sign monitor.
I think you were across the country way ahead of us on getting advance car in the field. We were still a basic service here in the 90s. It only been advanced life support the last ten years.
I cannot speak for the other jurisdictions, but in New Brunswick, we could have the service's Medical Director sign off on what we called Delegated Medical Skills. This allowed us to apply these specific skills under their license where they would have otherwise been out of scope.