Pacific Northwest Chapter Member's Opinions Sought

NJ Dorsey

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In the most recent Board meeting there was discussion to gauge where Board member's feelings were around including truck and van style ambulances in the PCS's purview. I gave my own opinion, but I am only one member representing the PCNW. I want to know if other dues paying members from British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon or Washington have opinions on this matter. Thanks for your input!

Rick Franklin

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I dont have a problem with allowing them but would suggest a cutoff on the year, similar to what the Lincoln & Continental Owners Club does. Their rules say a vehicle must be 10 years old or older; we could say something like 20 years or older for instance

Steve Loftin

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We are the Professional Car Society, not the Professional Ambulance Society, I rest my case.
...nor are we the EMS Vehicle Historical Society. Unfortunately there are a couple of noisy PCS members that want to change our group into what they think it should be, not what it was founded to be.

While truck based ambulances are certainly interesting vehicles, they are very different from procars and warrant a group of their own--which I would likely join.

I would even be in favor of dropping the "light truck" reference completely from the PCS bylaws, throwing all truck based vehicles (funeral as well as ambulance) into the new organization.

Rick Franklin

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As you may have noticed, our members are getting older. Those of you who worked in passenger based ambulances are getting to be few & far between, while younger paramedics/EMTS are plentiful. Why not entice them to join with some of the early examples of what THEY worked out of & possibly cultivate an interest in the cars of YOUR youth, thus giving them an interest in the history of the professional vehicles. If you dont cultivate an interest, who is going to continue our hobby when we are dead & gone?

Bill Marcy

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I hear what others are saying, but I do not believe allowing trucks will ultimately be in the best interest of the Professional Car Society. For one thing, there is no certainty of gaining new members by allowing Van and Truck-type ambulances, but there is a very real risk of loosing some of our existing members. In addition, the definition of a professional car will be difficult for non-members, perhaps even some members to understand and explain to others. My belief is that we should adhere to our foundation and rules, they have taken us this far. Think of it this way,
would a successful ambulance company open a tavern to attract more clients? I doubt it.

Abe Bush

We are the Professional Car Society, not the Professional Ambulance Society, I rest my case.
Very true Bill, but we're also not the Professional hearse/flower car/limousine society either though. I don't see it as becoming an "ambulance" group but more that we're expanding our horizons to include more vehicle types, and thus potentially more new members. Enlarging the tent if you will.