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John ED Renstrom

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we stated out at 21 deg this morning got up to 68.8. so we are ready lets jump on things as we know it's noting going to hold. we now have a black ambulance. we can now start getting things back together. then I can get my garage space back as the parts go onto the car. I was hoping to get the interior back in before but waiting for another man for that. we still have a hot start issue with the car. I'm leaning to the ignition switch being bad. they had put that aftermarket on one for a reason I guess. so here is what she looks like today as I type. you know a storm is coming when the girls are more concerned with eating they they are with you.


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Bill Marcy

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I remember a black 52ish Cadillac ambulance in service, back in the early 60s, but other than that one and a black 70 high top in Daytona back in 2004, you rarely see a black ambulance.

Paul Steinberg

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Have you gained weight since starting this project????? :D


John ED Renstrom

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Armbrusters were like fords. They came black. That is unless you wanted to pay 75 bucks extra. In these years GMs were dark over light. I just never liked that combination. Armbruster started with a black car. The interier trim on the GM was lower body color. So to change the color all they did was paint the jams they built in the center doors black. Then ran a tape line around the edge of the door jams. Then shot the requested when you open the door you saw the body color the jam color a d the interier color. Looked like a high school shop class job. So the decision to do it one color was made that had to be black. There is enough trim on this car to carry the dark color. The interier will be as close as we can make to origional. That will leave you wondering also. But then we were not rebuilding a custom.

Kurt Arends

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My '75 Superior 54" ambulance was originally black over black, when built for export to the government of Uganda, however it never saw service in that paint sceme. The government of Uganda never paid for it, so it just sat in dock storage in New York. The Decatur Ambulance Service had it re-painted white over Omaha Orange right away when they bought it from Superior in late 1976 or early 1977. My '75 is reported to be the last full-sized Cadillac ambulance to be sold. It was not purchased from Superior until after the last of the '76 Cadillac ambulances had been sold. The door jambs remain black today. My plan(if I live that long) is to re-paint it white over black.

John ED Renstrom

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for the first time since I have owned this car the front end is together. the grill gave me a fight but we wiped in into shape. a little buffing to do on the left fender but then we need to a lot of that. what your looking at in bright work here is around 4 grand. the grill alone has 9 pieces. we made it up from two and one nos part. then the bumper and guards the nameplate and hood ornament. the upper lip is NOS stainless. the center plate in the grill was the nos piece there. headlight doors are stainless and we had to locate one headlight assembly. the rest is just repair and paint. we did make a little improvement in it so far. still got a lot of polishing to do. now the part that still eludes me is this one. we never find it but I did not fill the holes in the fender for them just in case.


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Peter Grave

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The battle of the Korean chrome on the grill looks like you got one of the better ones a WIN. Looks fantastic!!!! When I had my brief tour at Pontiac agency in 57 many 53s came in with copper showing on the grills and the no care ones were rusting also hood and trunk "Silver Streaks" were pitting.