neon garage art

Still burning in, glass is juxtaposed loose on table & not mounted yet. HENNEY letters are in a medium blue (although looking whitish) with borders in a darker blue.


Screen printer is taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r to finish aluminum backing. These are 30"x23", so 6 are being printed out of a sheet. Brady, Mike, Bill, (still need your color preferences Bill), plus one for shop - means 2 remain. Since all materials aren't in yet, prices have not been finalized.
Since Brady started posting neon, here are more recent shots.

Spider took some brain power figuring out how to accomplish in one piece.


48" Superior logos also done in one piece.



Whimsical 4 color hearses were other great time sucking glass puzzles, also done in one piece.



Miller Meteor burning in and coming together. Plans changed, now being mounted on brushed aluminum.


Thanks to Brady, Darren, Jim, Kim, and Rocky! Hope they continue to provide as many smiles as they did while making them. :thumbsup:

Requests were made for additional procar logos not tackled yet. Looking forward to firing torches up once colors have been decided.
Henney logo took some time to figure backing plate out. Trying to keep it as authentic as possible, initially I had wanted to have hand brushed aluminum silk screened. Doing so unless in mass quantities proved cost prohibitive and did not enable targeted hobbyist price point.

Over 4 hours alone went into digitizing artwork. A mask was cut, applied, and weeded.


Then sprayed.


Before painstaking process of removing mask. Horizontal brushed direction really makes backing plate pop.


Once mated with glass, it only took about 2.5 hours for final assembly...


This happy man himself agrees end result was worth the wait!


Darren Bedford

New member
S/S !!!

We have 4 months to Flint.

How many different S/S logos are there ?
Anyone have scans they can post here ?
Different years or changes over time ?

Any help is appreciated !


Darren Bedford

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Here are a few I found googling...

I dig the round one like the hub cap version the best.



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Dwayne Brooks

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Here's the S&S hood ornament I had on the '80 S&S Victoria... have one more of these that was inherited from Jim Tighe. It would be great in neon!


Darren Bedford

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Here are the 2 logos on the side of my '60 S&S Victoria 3way hearse.

Dwayne's hood ornament would make a great neon sign as he mentioned.

I would still want the hub cap logo myself.
Maybe I will be different than the rest and get a round one.

With the script of the Eureka and Superior, this S&S Victoria script below in the photos would make a great addition to those two.



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