National Museum of Civil Defense

PCS Friends - I wished to take a moment to note that earlier this year, a long-standing goal of creating a museum for the US Civil Defense program finally came together. The National Museum of Civil Defense is the only 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the US Civil Defense program (1941-1997).

We plan to provide new content on Facebook/Instagram once/twice weekly. Yes, professional cars will be featured among this content along with many other period-appropriate medical discussions. The Office of Civilian Defense was the first to describe "Emergency Medical Services" in 1942. If you are on Facebook/Instagram - we'd greatly appreciate if you would consider "liking" the page to see all content, as only professional car related posts will be shared on the PCS Facebook Groups/Pages.

Other projects include a semi-annual historical column in the Journal of Civil Defense (published continuously since 1968), Oral History interviews (do you know anyone who participated in CD and would like to tell their story?), and artifact preservation of course. We have a very large collection of artifacts, which predates my interest in professional cars. Our Advisory Board is helping guide our Strategic Plan which I hope to have out soon.

I've advised President Steinberg that the NMCD would enjoy affiliating with the PCS.


Pretty sure I can hook you into a man who wrote a book on CD in Rochester NY centered around the 2 Heavy Rescue units located in Rochester & Greece.

Rochester was a center of CD activity due to Defense plants in the WW and after.

Much of Rochester regions public safety radio was paid for by CD as well, it was a rock ribbed Republican area and magnet for CD bucks. Sterling Siren being located in Rochester didn't hurt one bit when it came to rolling out a county wide siren system connected via Fire Alarm's hardwire with Motorola Z tone radio link to suburbs.
Rochester is the home of a surviving Chrysler siren as well. The people who could explain where the second Chrysler disappeared to are long buried. Never did get around to counting how many Sterlings are still in place, the wire system is long gone, but I bet if I can get into a basement room I can trigger a horizontal 5 into action.

Yes, I do still grin at the mental pic of Mom wearing out her CatPaw cuban heals walking around the block in her repainted & decaled WW-1 surplus steel pot with whistle at the ready should she spot a house showing light thru the blackout curtains. She was absolutely sure Frank from 2 doors up the street would ride up on his rusty bicycle to back her. She got additional ration stamps for replacement heals because she walked the block.

Thankfully many newspapers survived of the time and are now on line to supplement my memory.

Lord it really was a different world.

Link to EV- Greece Vol Ambulance first radio and base station were provided by CD, with decals.
World- we got a problem.
I have conversed with Buzzard on the subject of publishing his book on CD Heavy Rescue in Rochester. I should probably point out Buzzard is the man who hired me many years back with the phrase he had no idea why he needed me but had 4 people telling him he did so I best get to making the company money. He signed the front of my checks for 17 years and every 1 made a one way trip to the bank. I proffer typing "Buzzard" into a search engine would produce his picture on the first page. Never in any of those years of more nose to nose arguments did either of us back down, You got a case, make your case was the standard, and no hard feelings. Most times those discussions resulted in "damned if it didn't work" as the job wrapped. When Sue said it would be nice to answer her phone "Unscrew Corp, what ya mess up and how soon you figure we need to get there" she got it and customers loved using it. 15 years on the Job Buzzard crashed and looked like he might spiral in. That afternoon Sue fired off "Cut cable and haul" to Phil running a job in S Carolina, and he was on the way. 8 days later Buzzard commandeered the ICU conference room and signed the papers turning the corporation over to the people who built it with him. He swore he felt better as the ink dried.

That established, Buzzard has taken the position Absolutely Nothing goes to FaceBook till that dump is plowed, salted and replowed. I didn't need to ask why.

You have another place to post the story I can probably get it authorized, but there is no hope when it comes to FaceBook.

I hold a sadness as I report this, as it is certainly a story that should be known to those interested, especially those who came along later and didn't directly know the time. Rochester was definitely a Target city with an Army Colonel who had an office in the interface telephone building where long distance wires met local lines and Autovon wires passed through. For youngsters wondering, ALL phones other than Autovon were shut down when JFK was shot, I witnessed it happening, and they remained down for about 20 minutes. Sad as I am, I'll not go against Buzzard in this decision. "Man either stands his ground or the man ain't worth spit" comes to mind.

Sorry guys, I fail time to time.