Museum Looking For Display Cars - Colorado

The old cars are kept covered, in the back part of our 20X40 garage, so taking them out is a bit of an undertaking. I do try to run each of them a few miles once every week or 10 days, although Colorado winters sometimes don't cooperate. The '72 Beetle (bought new that year) was my daily driver for 290,000 miles but has been retired for about 20 years; the '73 S&S got run around quite a bit transporting band gear for some years, and could have been called an "almost-daily" driver, but that was awhile back.

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Hello! Any interest in displaying your hearse at the Forney Museum of transportation?
If you weren't 2000 miles away, I would consider it. From your website, your museum is located in Denver Colorado. For those that are closer to your museum, here is the website address... Forney Museum of Transportation 4303 Brighton Blvd Denver, CO 80216 (303) 297-1113
thanks for the new post, but I already had started a new thread with my info. I sent Dave Hopping a message directly, which I should have done in the first place, I haven't been on forum style board in a long time! Interested parties need to contact me directly, not the museum

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Logistics is the problem. It's a 5 hr run for me. Were wintering one inside would be nice. Getting it down and back would not be easy. Been threw the museum. A nice collection there.