Miller-Meteor Ful-Vu / Grimes Lights motors

Shaw Phillips

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Any one know who you can buy the motors for the Miller-Meteor Ful-Vu / Grimes Lights? I tried looking up Badder-Brown,it states Honeywell owns them. I want to buy 4. Any help would be appreciated.


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I know that this is an extremely long shot, but didn't these used to be the same or similar to the lights that were on some aircraft back in the day? If so maybe a call to your local aviation museum might provide some leads on replacement parts.
Aircraft lights are 28 volts. The lens for these is still a stock listed NSN (National Stock Number) current gov price is over $600 dollars. These will probably show up some day in a Gov auction at pennies on the dollar.
That's very true. But does anyone know where to get the motors? I'd also like to buy some Bulbs
Bulb info, GRIMES A-7079B-12 14 V 40W 36 2
The only thing that the Ful Vue lights have in common with the aircraft lights is the lens and the bulbs. Most aircraft are 28 volts and the Ful Vue lights used a 14 volt bulb also made by Grimes Aerospace. I have some NOS red lenses for sale.