Miller Meteor emblems

Dave McGowan

PCS Member
When my 74 Lifeliner was refurbished before I got it, the silver crosses and the Miller Meteor emblems were not added back to the rear pillars. To complete my restoration I would like to source these. I’m not concerned with condition as I’ll most likely get them re-plated. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Daniel Scully

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Do you have pic of the emblems you need? I believe this year had a Indian head and miler meteor in script? No crosses but a friend might have the M-M badges .

Paul Steinberg

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I found the crosses, however, I misplaced the sign holder bracket for my CB. Has anyone seen where I set it down?

Chris Bruno

PCS Member
Dave, I have a black plastic Crain M-M Sales dealer emblem you might want . . . in order to impress your friends. Or if you don't want it, up for grabs.