Looking to replace these railings

Jim Staruk

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Anyone know what these railings are called and where I can purchase the posts and tubing? Thanks


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Hi Jim...while I haven't started looking yet, I'll be adding these to my Pontiac as a finishing touch.

They go by various names...tipping rails, shelf rails and fiddler rails. Probably other names depending on location and use.

I quickly Googled them and there quite a few suppliers out there. The challenge will be finding the good match for your needs.

Good luck!
Hi Tim...I'm thinking a specialty hardware/restoration store perhaps. Perhaps Lee Valley Tools? I haven't done much research beyond a quick Google search.

Have you contacted Kurt Arends? He has done a fair amount of vehicle salvage and might have what you are looking for.
One could try the bathroom fixtures section or kitchen suply. All they are is a towel rack. You may luck out and find the tubing there but i haven't seen the stands. Since Gambles went out of busnesses.
I found a few places where they sell tipping rails.

This is a UK company.

I believe this is a US company.

Another US company.

Maybe marine supply houses might have something maybe? I have a bout 15-20 of these but only ends, no middle or angled though. Thinking maybe flower car on these maybe but could have been a cabinet rail mount too for something.


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If you have some in poor condition I suggest you send them to Speed & Sport Chrome in Houston, Texas and Craig will make them new again. His specialty is small parts. I have used for gas pump and coke machine parts and most recently for railings on a flower car.