Lincoln rear end help

Eric Gemzer

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Just picked up my former 92 Eagle coach company Lincoln yesterday, sold it a year ago, got it back with a blown rear end, figured it won’t be hard to throw it back together and give this to Ambrosia to drive instead of the rusty 91 superior, but after some research it appears the rear axle assembly is commercial chassis only, the main difference being gear ratio and drum brakes where the standard cars got disc, anyone have any experience with this issue? I’m probably just going to cram a 91-97 axle under it out of whatever I can find.


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John ED Renstrom

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To avoid problems check that you brakes can be used. One might get by just tossing a used rear end in but i would hate to have that set of rear brakes lock up in a panic stop.
I'd get whatever numbers you can find off of that rear end and take pix of it. Take note of the number of bolts on the cover. A specialist that works on rear ends should be able to point you in the right direction.
I had the same issue with my 95 Cadillac S&S. Spider gears broke in mine Found out that gm used a truck rear end in the commercial cars. Shop manual actually shows it for Cadillac commercial chassis as well. Maybe it will show in the manual for that Lincoln.