Limousine at Hershey

Paul Cichon

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While at Hershey I photographed this Lincoln limousine. It is a 1941 and I believe a custom body. It appeared to be all original, in and out! Thought you might like to see it.


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Jim Tighe - Deceased 1942 - 2012

March 10, 1964 - April 27 2012
With the possible exception of the roof treatment, I think this is a factory-issue limo. When the massive K-Series cars were dropped in 1940, Ford needed a replacement limo, and cobbled up these handsome Zephyr-based cars, in much the same way as the Continental was spun off the Zephyr. This type of car was offered in '41 and '42, but was not revived after the war. One good side-effect of the Continental and limo cars was that they provided employment for the craftsmen who had faced furloughs when the K cars were discontinued. A lot of metal-working and leading of seams, etc., was involved with these Zephyr-based cars, and that is exactly the sort of thing the old craftsmen did so well. I don't recall production figures for the long sedans and limos, but there weren't many of them, as Cadillac and Packard dominated that market. Power for the limo was the stock Zephyr V-12 of 292 ci in '41 and 305 ci in '42. The 305 did not work out well, and the displacement reverted to 292 after the war and stayed there thru '48, the last year for the 12. A very handsome car, indeed.

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Today, websites are deliberately putting up small pictures so others don't steal them..