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In the 4th quarter of "The Professional Car", I made a proposal for adding an additional Life Membership to our Bylaws. This proposal was approved by the membership and adopted in February 2021. The new Bylaw is posted below, along with the new Life Membership rates effective July 1, 2021.
2.3.1 Life Membership.
Life Membership shall be a multi-tiered system that allows for varied cost to members dependent on their age bracket. Life Membership shall be granted only after five continuous years of paid membership. These age brackets and costs shall be determined at the direction of the President for consideration and amended at a future Annual Membership Meeting. These rates shall stay in effect until they are amended at a future Annual Membership Meeting. Life Membership rates may be different for members living outside of the United States.* (Feb 21)
The fees for this life membership are as follows. The present fee for a 3-year life membership presently is $105 for domestic members and foreign members $112. These new fees went into effect on July 1, 2021. The following is broken down into age categories.

40-49: 12 x 3-year rate = $1260 domestic / $1344 foreign
50-59: 9 x 3-year rate = $945 domestic / $1008 foreign
60-69: 7 x 3-year rate = $735 domestic / $784 foreign
70-79: 5 x 3-year rate = $525 domestic/ $560 foreign
80- up: 2.5 x 3 year rate = $262.50 domestic / $280 foreign

For those that don't meet the requirement of the 5 years of continious membership, the following bylaw applies.
2.2.3. Life Member.
A full Member as defined in 2/1 who has prepaid a one-time lump-sum lifetime dues assessment (“Lifetimes Dues”) in such amount as set by the membership from time to time. A Life Member shall not be required to pay Annual Dues. A Life Member is entitled to designate one Associate Member from his immediate family, as provided for in 2.2.2, for the term of the Life Membership, and may change the designee at any time; but life tenancy does not attach to such a designee, whose Associate Membership terminates upon the death, resignation, or expulsion of the individual who was originally identified as the Life Member. Life membership is non-transferable and nonrefundable, and must be in the name of a person, not a company or corporation. In the official records, the first first name listed shall designate the Life Member, and the second first name will be designated as the Associate. (Aug 13)

The fee for this was set by the membership at $2600. This class of membership is available to everyone.
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Abe Bush

That's great Paul, if people take advantage of this it should help bring in revenue. Has anyone purchased a life membership since this was adopted?

Paul Steinberg

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Not that I know of. I believe that this is the first time that the membership has been advised of the rates that were passed this past summer at the International Meet.