Jean-Marc Dugas

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I was wondering if anyone here ever used static film / electrostatic film for your car's lettering. If so, what is your experience with this type of material?

I would like to add the original lettering and star of life to the 54XL, but I do not want it to be permanent. I was thinking about magnetic sign material at first, but I find the material too thick, and it would obviously not stick to the window on the passenger side or fit the back door really well because of the crease.

Any thoughts or comments are welcome.Driver Side.jpgBack Door Crease.jpg

John ED Renstrom

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You will find that the magnetic sighns made from therubber witll blwad rust on the wite also. So its take them off put them kind of thing
I'm just going to throw this out, you can take it or leave it. I have 35+ years of dealing with magnetic as well as stick on signs and labels on vehicles that have been repainted, and the one thing I am absolutely certain of is every one of them regardless of type will cause blistering of the paint that eventually leads to a rust hole where the blister is.

Magnetics on a vehicle for a few hours don't seem to cause a problem but that same sign left on for a week in the Sun will leave a lovely blister when the sign is removed. Same applies to stickers and probably wraps as well.
Find a car you don't care about and do some testing before you ruin the paint on your show car.

Paul Steinberg

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Wraps have been around for decades in one form or another. I remember the Mercedes station wagons that every Mercedes dealer had, and they were painted all white and had blue wraps on the fenders and the quarter panels. After a year of use, they were sold as used cars, and a new one was put in service that had the same type of wrap on it. The wrap never seemed to damage the paint. Possibly if it were a dark color, then it might have caused fading lines where the wrap started and ended. I recently saw the 1978 Superior Cadillac that is owned by AMR, and that has a wrap on it with the AMR colors and logos. I have even seen cars that had a clear wrap on them so they always look highly polished.