Kevin Lynch

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Ed I have less than 1 percent of what you have, but I know it gets overwhelming. Personally, I don't think its worth the aggravation to try to sell stuff like that on ebay. I know you realize that somewhere on this planet, someone desperately needs each of your items. I'm leaning towards calling "GOTJUNK" (I'm guessing you see their commercials on tv all night ) and pay them to carry stuff away. For me it's tough to think that I'll never need this...but I won't. Good luck with everything. I know you have a lot on your plate.

Peter Grave

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Well there is always the scrap yard. Currently after Idas Flood blow I have been scrapping again for the first time in years. Complete junk cars (must have cat conv) $600.00 to $850.00 they come and haul them. They are GONE no tires gas tanks oil anti freeze left here. I have two outfits competeing to get them. Local drop off scrap yard is paying well for metal, radiators heavy iron up too. Scrap batteries $14.00 each. Don't chuck it sell it.

John ED Renstrom

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There is not one usable piece on that nose. The header is rusted threw on top. The the headlight rings are so pitted it would cost the price of a car to re plate. then both grills are broken as is both of the lower filler panels. I think all 4 headlights work one is a phillips one a t3 the other side is a pair of atlis. All that is is garage art. Held together with as few bolts as possible and screws were it wasn't. I have a grill out of the 53 that is the same way i get around to it some day.

Kurt Arends

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"Nose cuts" and "rear cuts" are extremely popular now in decorating. Now, usually that cut is mid-wheel well-forward and rear wheel well-back, but there is demand for this stuff for purposes other than restoration. I sent a pic of the left quarter panel that I recently cut off of a '64 Bonneville 2- door hdtp to a friend(who isn't especially an old car guy). His response was "you should hang that on your shop wall!).