Julian Mcdermott Multi-Pulse Vehicle Flasher

I have one of these, but mine is missing the instructions. Yours has to be very early '60s or older, as it has a pre-zip code label.Flasher.jpg
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It is now more than a year later, and you have yet to acknowledge if the flasher works for your 6 lights. I have a lot of patience, but at my age, I am running out of years to wait for the results... :wwpics:

I hooked mine up yesterday, and the flash pattern was quite fast for my 6 bulbs, and that is why I asked about yours. I have gone down a different road, using a Dietz headlamp flasher with a slower flash pattern. I am in the final stretch of getting all the electrical work done, and all that is left it to install the Federal Model Y siren. Off with the WLR, and on with the Y or would it be a YR, since it has a rear flashing light. Have no idea where my old Federal catalog is located, so hopefully someone on these forums will have the information.
On my Lifeliner I found the wigwag flasher for the tunnel lights mounted on the firewall. It's not was I was expecting when I checked the polarity. There are three wires on the flasher and 2 of them alternate a negative polarity. I was expecting to see positive for the load but they are negative. Checked with my test light and confirmed it. Now back to the tunnel lights, the load is positive because the negative is grounded to the car.

What am I missing here? My intent is to add two bumper-mounted Unity lights and have them wigwag from this flasher.
One post is power in the other two posts are power out. It not you have a brake down in side. Take the fover off and see if a insulator is damaged.

You might have a defective flasher. The original flashers were Tung Sol units. I believe that the 617 is the 12 volt version of this flasher. If you need one, let me know, and I will start the search. Tung Sol 617 flasher.jpg
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Knowing how difficult it is to find a flasher that was originally patented in 1939, and revised in 1945, and probably hasn't been in production since the 1960's, I started researching the WWW for an answer. I found it in an unlikely place, the Comanche Aircraft News Letter. It details how they work, what goes wrong with them, how to repair them, and finally, a solution for replacing the defective and obsolete parts, along with where to purchase the part. So as not to infringe on the intellectual property rights of others, I am linking to the publication. You will find this information on pages 38 & 39. I suggest that you save this information to your computer, since you never know when it will no longer be available.