How to Take Apart and Repair a Unity Spotlight

Kevin Lynch

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The video skipped over how to get the shaft off the spot light head. I've done this a long time ago. Apparently, you remove a bolt or screw through the head- and remove a small screw from the top - one of mine has a regular head screw and one has a Phillips. But even after removing these, I can't get the head off. I need to get the head off only because someone put the "ring" on the shaft permanently and I can't insert the unit from the outside-in, as required. This presenter noticed the damage to the unit by a prior user. On mine, there is no head to the screw holding that little ring in place. It's sunk a bit and flat. I guess I'll have to blast. Back to trying to force some opening in the base of the head where it looks like it should separate. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Paul Steinberg

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The ring on the chrome shaft isn't removable. It is silver soldered onto the shaft. The old shafts didn't have the ring, and I don't know when they started to use them. The ring is to protect the occupant in a collision to keep the spotlight from intruding into the passengers compartment. The chrome shaft is removable by first loosening the set screw located at the side of the head gear-shaft housing. Then remove the inside spotlight handle, and the chrome shaft will come off. If you know a machinist, they might be able to put the chrome shaft into the lathe and carefully cut it off, but that will leave you with a "bare" spot on the shaft. I don't know if you can purchase new shafts without the safety ring.
To remove the spot light head outer ring, after you have the attachment screws remove, use a flat bladed screwdriver and gently pry the bottom edge, and it will pop off. At the top where the screw goes, there is a tab that goes into the front edge of the rear housing.