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Any one out there have a 69 or 70 CB? I need pictures of the visor mounts and the mirror mount as it relates to the visors in the center. We only have one visor but that is good for a pattern. But the side mounts are a mystery. The car ones will not work. They sit at a angle. From the ends on the visor we have it the standard push in with a bushing and screw the pattern is normal 3 hole. But the style is unknown. All i do know is it needs to be a flat base .
It is probably an earlier GM visor mount. My Chevrolet is in winter storage, so I can't get a picture of it, but I will ask its caretaker if he can get you a picture.
Thanks Dan that is the style i found but mine have a angle base that when you line up the holes tilts the visor down. Now to figure out what had the flat ones.
Marten Harvy set me a few off on over the border. Anyone regenise this mirror bracket. Looks like pickup to meFB_IMG_1669270646190.jpg