Frank Sinatra's 1986 Chrysler Executive Limo SOLD!

Bill Marcy

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As an admirer of the Chrysler Executive limousine of The Eighties, I watched with interest as Frank Sinatra's 1986 Executive limousine crossed the block at Keith McCormick's collector car auction in Palm Springs, Ca. BTW, I watched the auction via the internet. Anyway, the black, 4-cylinder Chrysler powered engine equipped with factory turbo, in seemingly good condition, but announced with "Salvage History" due to an accident, was declared "SOLD" at $16,000. I think $16K would be an unrealistic price, if not for the Frank Sinatra ownership history. But, my question is, just how much extra do you think this car brought, due to the celebrity ownership?
Sinatra was a pitch-man for Chrysler in the early 80's. FS lent his name and talent to the brand thru commercials, public events and even a Sinatra Edition Chrysler. Sinatra image as a cool sophisticate ( rightly or wrongly) was meant to convey that same image to luxury Chrysler products.
I think both were happy with the arrangement.

PS. The price realized reflects the strong attachment of FS/Chrysler. He didn't just own the car, he lived it ( at least for a good part of the decade). As a fan of both, I get the run-up on price but I wouldn't have paid that !