For Sale In Alberta 17/05/18 1964 Cadillac Hearse

Hey guys, saw this hearse in my kijiji snoopings so I thought I would share. Link is below. Guy is selling a 1964 Cadillac hearse. This is what the add states...

I was planning on making this into the ghostbuster Ecto 1 but I don’t seem to have time for it the engine was running but it needs new piping going to the fuel tank. Engine block is an original 429.
This would make a good rat rod project or even a Camper or motorcycle toy hauler.
Would consider interesting trades.
Call or text Mark
Tags: hearse, Rat Rod, Camper, Model A, Model T, COE, Ghostbusters, Miller Meteor, 1959, 1960, Caddy, Slimer, Hot Rod, Small Block, Big Block, Chevrolet, Chevy, Ford, Gigahorse, Mad Max"




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John ED Renstrom

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been trying to see it for awhile now. depending on what she looks like today would be then thing. see some one took the rust out of the wheel wells. they has a problem right there. but is it's sealed up good and you don't want skirts replacing the skin would be do able.

Kurt Arends

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Seats in the rear, so the floor has been cut out. Front fenders are shot, quarters are destroyed, rear door rusting through, front bumper ends starting to rust through.

That's a $500 parts car!

John ED Renstrom

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or a 500 dollar builder depending one what you want. it looks liek that seat is bolted to the original floor it sits way high. just one of those you got to go look at cars