For Sale 1977 Miller Meteor Lifeliner Ambulance (So Calif.)

Mark Provost

PCS Member
Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,
Opportunity knocks for me and this will take me out of the US….That means it's time for me to part with my adored 1977 Miller Meteor Lifeliner Ambulance. Purchased from Leo Branstetter (Peak Coachworks, Denver CO.) May 2000. This was originally ordered as the 4th Grove Car (Flint, MI.) but was never delivered and ended up with “Quick Ambulance” Detroit Michigan. The car was then wholesaled back to be sold to Cedaredge Medical Center in Colorado where it lived most of its life. Peak Coachworks then took the car back and it was sold to a private party who intended to restore the car but made little progress. The car ended back with Peak until I purchased it and drove it back to California.

The car at one point had the 184’s removed, replaced with model 14’s and a CTS-1 Calif Twinsonic lightbar. That was removed by the time I purchased. I then acquired (2) Federal 184-H’s and have them installed. That car has a PA-200 electronic siren and Federal Signal 77GB double tone mechanical siren under the hood.

Just runs extremely well and passes California Smog every 2 years
AC was recharged by the Cadillac Dealer back in 2019 and works well. Car is titled and currently registered in California. I have receipts and all service records since I purchased the car. Current odometer reads (16710) assumed 116710
Asking price is $ 25,000.00


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