Federal Model 28

Paul Steinberg

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12 volt Federal Model 28 under hood siren. Tested and works great. The only thing that it needs is to be sanded and repainted. I didn't do this, because I want the buyer to know exactly the condition of the siren that they will be receiving, instead of wondering what might be hiding under the new paint. Price is $350, and the siren is already packed and ready for shipment. Shipping weight is 40 pounds
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Tim Prieur

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My 25 cents would be that while it certainly could be put in the 76, it would be more period correct in a 60's vehicle. By the mid 70's I would have thought the move would strongly have been to electronic, and mechanical would be used more when a company or municipality had a particular interest in mechanical, and then more likely to see a Q, super chief or similar more "decorative" sirens used in a car like this. You put this much money in a vehicle, you likely would also go with a top end siren. A 28 might be placed in a more economically bought vehicle.
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