Fallen Firefighter

Jim Staruk

PCS Member
Worcester, Massachusetts has yet once again lost a firefighter while saving others (9 since 1999). This happened yesterday, as narrated by my daughter:

November 15, 2019

Me and my 2 daughters went to visit the McKeon Street fire station just now to pay respects to fallen Lieutenant Jason Menard, WFD and to visit my cousin who is on duty and stationed here tonight. The girls each brought a bouquet of red and pink roses and placed them on the memorial, under the flag flying at half-staff. It was just us there and as they placed the flowers, a single man standing back in the dark, alone, said "That is really nice of you girls". I replied that my cousin is working tonight and that their dad is a firefighter so I am trying to teach them the right thing. The man looked at both girls and said ...” You just placed flowers on the memorial for my son". Him and I just fell into each other like we've known each other for years. He cried, I cried, and we hugged for about 90 seconds. I can't imagine his loss and all I could do was thank him between tears. What an emotional, unexpected meeting but I believe everyone crosses paths for a reason and I hope our visit, and my girls, brought him some type of happiness in the middle of such a painful time. Rest easy Lieutenant Menard.