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Looking to reproduce these. Local co can do them in bronze, setup /mold is $200 and then $75.00 per emblem made and then would have to be chromed. Local print shop can do them in plastic. $25.00 setup / cad work $5.00 each to print, that would have to be plastic chromed. The printed one is slightly different font, but for 5 bucks hard to beat.

I reproduced a set of crown for the 67 Superior. Took one that was rough but compleat. Down to the local dentist. He made a Imprint,I filled that with Alumalead (filler made from alumimion power and rosen). they lifted out of the impression material and used it again. Then coated them with a chrome pen. They looked pretty good a five feet. But they were a fine script. Which helped .
They print shop sent me the cad file for this, they only print plastic. I might try to find a place that can print it in metal