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we are going to take the 72 up to my son's house Wednesday if it stops snowing. to get the dimples out. he has the 86 limo now and it's done. we'll so how he did on it then. those of you that were at the 2019 meet may remember the demonstration he did for us there.


were at the 19 meet may remember the demonstration he did for us there.
OK, today was the day to run the 72 up. then some 4000 bucks later I'm driving my new 86 H&E Home. the boy does good work. he has an electric tool he can set the temperature on to heat the dent up. those big ones have to be shrunk to take them out. the 86 has 3 layers of paint on it with the middle layer being a different color. the only thing in areas was a pencil eraser size spot where it got too warm and caused a metallic slide on the center layer I would never have noticed it had he not pointed it out.

He wanted to warm up on this one then go to the 72, before tackling the 53. Each set of years is different metal. They get thicker as you go down and have less temper. So the technique to remove the dent is different. The new rigs are vary thin and vary hard making them a lot easer to pick.
today was the day or wait a week or two for the weather to make up its mind about winter or spring. one again State Farm has forked over 4 grand to get me dent-free. the 72 came home and the 53 went into the clinic. I had him rough out the eight rear doors where we clipped the handle on the garage door one time. the last picture is a chip on the left fender I colored in when we did some work on the car last. you can see just how thick the lacquer is on the car. yet he did not crack the 50-year-old paint with one repaint in the late 70s
Just in case your wondering State Farm paid my son a little over 12,000 to fix the 53 & 72. They totaled out the 86 they paid me after my buy back. 6000 for the 86 . The buy back was under a grand. I then paid my son 4000 to repair it. It's not a cheap fix but it is under the price to have had them painted. They are insured under the historical clause threw them.
Be nice to have two of them in the club. Since you have been workig on yours notice any difference in the bodys? The rear door hinges being the big one.