Dealer and factory plates

Kevin Lynch

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Seems to me this may have come up in discussion a long time ago. Do NOT use any brand of purple cleaner on your vehicles ID plates, either from the dealer or the factory. The black paint will wash off. I have seen VIN plates for old vehicles (i.e. Chevy trucks) that are sold blank- and you have your VIN etc engraved on it. Anyone do recreations of these? (i.e. sold by Craine M-M Sales).

Paul Steinberg

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I only use Simple Green for cleaning the engine compartment and have never had a problem with paint being removed. Also use it on the white wall tires.

Peter Grave

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Green Polmolive green dishwashing has always been very mild I use it on old radios,cars just cut it not strait out of the bottle. I just used it the other day to clean a western 56 Packard grill just took off the scrunge not paint. Its indeed amazing how western chrome will shine even if from a field junker. Here in the east the acid rain just does the chrome in even if not pitted.

John ED Renstrom

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Rocky doesn't get on here much but i beleve he will reproduce one for you if you send him the info.