Carburetor Help - Six Days and counting

Jeff Hookway

PCS Life Member Elected Director
1966 Cadillac 429 - Carb rebuilt 4/23/2021
New carburetor issue since coming out of winter storage.
Engine runs rough at idle - almost will not keep running. Idle was ok last year.
Engine almost stalls when going at speed to a complete stop.
Engine continues to run/sputter when turning off key - new yesterday.
Anything above idle runs fine - made multiple trips at 50-60 mph for 10-15 minutes without an issue.
topped off with 1/2 tank of fresh regular gas recently.
Help - Six days to York!
Thank you.
Put 2 cans of Sea Foam into the gas tank. From the symptoms, it sounds like you picked up some water in the tank over the winter from condensation forming inside the fuel tank. When you started the car, you sucked some of that water into the carburetor. You could remove the carburetor and drain the fuel out of it by turning it upside down and rolling it from side to side till it is fully drained. The engine should run smoothly after that.
The problem is that water settles to the bottom of the tank, and unfortunately, GM never installed a drain in the bottom of the tank, so the only way to get the fuel out is to siphon it out. As long as you don't allow the tank to get below 1/2 the water should stay at the bottom of the tank until when you get home and can have the fuel tank dropped and drained.
Lace it with seafom fill it with 10% etoh the. Were you running a 10% blend in it before you parked it? It sounds like it's separated on you.