Cadillac 500 Passenger Side Exhaust Manifold

Harry Evans

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looking for a passenger side exhaust manifold for a 1975 Cadillac 500. Should be the same as a 472, but I'm not an expert. Doesn't have to be pretty, just without broken studs or cracks. Willing to pay a good price.

John ED Renstrom

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You get a used one take it to a machine shop and have them plain the mating surface before you put it on.

Peter Grave

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Hollander Interchange information. Left side manifold Hollander #601 fits 1968 to 1976, Right side Manifold Hollander #600 fits 1968,1969, Hollander #674 fits 1970 to 1976. I have all of these on cars in the yard just getting them off will be an issue.