Body Side Moldings

Daniel Scully

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Seems to be a billion different ones , used these with good results from 68-76 moldings on the caddy's . Might fit others, you can pop rivet them on or use screws. These replacement studs work well also .


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John ED Renstrom

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There are 3 different sets of these used by GM in those years. As far as i know S&S was the only one that used the factory weld on studs. And clips. But the special rivets with the nose piece is the best way to replace them .

Kevin Lynch

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Anyone have experience removing the kick panel off (in my case a MM) and find it was hanging on a brackets, then screwed underneath?
These brackets are about 18 inches long- one in front fender and about 4 along the way under the doors. The original brackets were 99% rust when I took the kick panel off. Couldn't even save them to copy they were so bad. Going to have to get creative on these- especially wanting to use the original holes in the car. The top of the piece in the picture is bent outwards to catch the trim.


Paul Steinberg

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They can more easily be purchased... $ 10.75 @ when you buy 4 or more. They were used on the Chevrolet Corvair in 1964, and these were reproduced using a NOS unit as the example. They are gold iridite plated.