Auction of hearses and flower cars - KS

One would think they would tell you location. But i see today it's something left of most advertising. There price is attractive. But my tablet doesn't text.
Some nice and some not so nice. The flower car is intersting and if you are looking for a project for sure, seems like a good deal. Too bad so far away in Kansas.
We. Will see what popes up on E bay. But they all went for what would be expected. Didn't see any finels on the flower cars.
In total 17 hearses sold, ranging from $250 to $7500. a number of lots were withdrawn from the auction by court order, and I suspect the flower cars were withdrawn as they no longer appear in the catalogue.

In amongst all the tractors and farm equipment there were several funerary items - funeral home equipment, flags and signs, including
Buhler Mortuary Sign and Mennonite Brethren Cemetery Sign. Pretty interesting stuff.

It will be interesting if any of these cars come up on eBay. Unfortunately, eBay Motors now denies access by countries outside the US, so I am not able to see what comes up there. I will be relying on you guys to keep me informed!
Kansas wasnt to far a run for one but the last thing i need is another project. Glad i found about them to late to get the bug.
The 69 came from there, before the situation got worse.