ATF and Acetone as a penetrating oil

Bill Leverett

PCS Member/Super Site Supporter/Paramedic Supervis
So I've been working on a set of Ful-Vue lights getting them in decent working shape. The bracket that holds the nylon gear is made up entirely of plastic. on 2 of the 4 units, the gear and was siezed and would not turn.

After trying some of the common penetrating oils and the gear still not able to be turned I was afraid to force it too much due to it being plastic and nylon. Then I recalled one of my friends telling me about ATF and Acetone. He swears by it. 50/50 mix.

And it worked great!.

So if you haven't heard of this hack I'd certainly give it a try next time. Here's the gear holder I was working on.


Been using it for years, just keep it away from any painted surfaces. Acetone will remove your paint faster than paint remover!