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Jim Staruk

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I would LOVE to own a '61 Superior Pontiac high top ambulance!! I will watch the movie "The Disorderly Orderly" any day over "Ghost Busters"! '61 and '65 are my 2 favorite years for Pontiac in the '60s.
I think this rig screams for a mechanical siren between those 2 speakers! What do you guys think?
This Pontiac is near me and might be available. Not sure what year it is ...poncho ambo.jpg
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Kurt Arends

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I was wrong. The Pontiac squad cars and professional cars came with 15" wheels, which were unique to them. The 15" wheels were necessary to accommodate the HD front brake option. All other full-sized, "B-body", Pontiacs came with 14" wheels. I am assuming that these wheel covers would be nearly impossible to find. Fortunately, my ambulance still has all 4 of them.
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