90-92 Cadillac Brougham parts needed

Saul A Rohrer

PCS Member
Hello all,
Once again, I am looking for parts for my '91 Cadillac Brougham built by Miller-Meteor. I was rear-ended while sitting at a red light more than a year ago, and I still haven't been able to locate all the parts necessary to repair the damage.

Specifically, I am looking for both tail light bezels and tail light gaskets, a left rear bumper extension, left and right rear bumper braces and energy absorbers, left and right rear bumper guards and the rear bumper impact strip including the reflectors. On this particular hearse, the coach builder installed the license plate lights inside the rear bumper guards, and I have had no luck at all finding bumper guards to match.

At this point, I don't even expect to find gaskets, but will probably have to make some somehow. Same with the bumper guards, it's really just the rubber pad/strip that got destroyed, so if I could find rubber pads to replace the damaged ones, that would work. Any suggestions about creating tail light gaskets or locating molded rubber pads that fit would be greatly appreciated.
Can you post some pics of the needed items? Taillights are stock Cadillac, other parts might be coach specific?
The tail lights are indeed stock Cadillac, but everything is discontinued. Apparently 1991 isn't old enough for people to be making reproductions of any parts, which is very unfortunate, because the used parts I am finding do not look as good as the "wrecked" parts I am trying to replace on my car. I was lucky enough to find a new old stock right bumper extension, but haven't located any other chrome parts. I realize the chrome stuff will need to come from a 90-92 Brougham, but I thought perhaps I could find tail light gaskets that would fit from a different model? Any ideas of a possible match?
These bumper guards are likely coach specific. I have seen Brougham sedans that have them on the rear bumper, but as far as I know, that was not a standard feature. I have new license plate lights, and the metal itself seems to be fine, it's really just the rubber parts that need replaced.20211104_154832.jpg20211104_154835.jpg20211104_154908.jpg
A thin bead of silicone will do for the gaskets. Those kind of parts are not vary often found. Depending on how bad the inpack strip was broke up. It may be repairable also there are a lot of products out there for repairing bumper covers. These can be used for any of the molded products.